Song For St Martha’s

It’s spitting outside and it’s cold and it’s dark
The world is so silent, we’ve beaten the lark
It’s four in the morning, perhaps we are mad
We press on regardless for soon we’ll be glad

For up at St Martha’s to welcome the dawn
There’s dancing and singing upon this May morn

We make our way quietly up through the trees
The birds are now stirring, we smell a cool breeze
It’s five in the morning and people are here
Their shapes are a shadow, their hearts full of cheer

The hankies are waving, the songs sound so bright
There’s colour and clamour to banish the night
It’s six in the morning, there’s such a fine show
The scenery’s lovely, the sun’s a soft glow

The capers are over, the players are done
We’re hungry and happy, we’ve had so much fun
It’s seven in the morning and breakfast is due
We head down the hill and we hear the’cuckoo’