The White Cockade

‘Twas on one summer’s morning as my love walked o’er the plain
He had no thought of ‘listing when a soldier to him came
Who so kindly invited him to drink the ale that’s brown
He advanced, he advanced,
He advanced him a shilling all to fight for the Crown

So now my love has ‘listed and he wears a white cockade
He is a handsome young man, likewise a roving blade
He is a handsome young man and he’s going to serve the King
Oh, my very, oh, my very,
Oh, my very heart is breaking all for the loss of him

My love is tall and handsome and comely for to see
But by a sad misfortune a soldier now is he
May the man that first enlisted him not prosper night and day
How I wish that, how I wish that,
How I wish that he may perish all in the foaming spray

He pulled out his pocket handkerchief to wipe her flowing eyes
He said, ‘My dear, dry up those tears likewise those mournful sighs
And be you of good courage while I march o’er the plain
Then I’ll marry, then I’ll marry
Then I’ll marry you, my dearest, when I return again’